Tuesday, March 01, 2005


So has gone to meet up with supervisor just now, he is okay with my analysis, but "need changes". he hasn't really read through, so will email me later. however, he thought that my methodology is kinda problematic cause my analysis tends to be character analysis and thematic analysis, but in my methodology chapter i said semiotic analysis. although all three are somehow interrelated and overlapped, he suggested that i should justify it in my thesis.
So, yes, tonight and tomorrow will be rewriting chapter, finetuning other chapter, and finally proceed with my conclusion chapter. then wait for his correction, then it's considered done. YAHOO!! hope i'll be able to catch Sepet tomorrow night as planned!

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Anonymous said...

**Pat pat on the back**

Well, way to go there, finally something to show for after all the writing and rewriting and thinking...

Hope you'll give em a KICK ASS thesis and you have earned your right. :P

And yeah..sorry to hear 'bout your student. Perhaps next time you give out assignments, include a cause : PERSONAL INJURY DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS FINAL GRADE.