Sunday, March 20, 2005

The weightlifter with no legs - Yin Choo

Today 2pm we were at the press office meeting another reporter to bring us to YinChoo's place at Butterworth for video shooting. YinChoo is a disable woman, both her legs were stepped by a neighbour kid when she was very young, since then the legs seems not to grow anymore and are easily broken. she told us, she has broken her legs at least 6 times. however this disability does not stop her from performing, especially in the sport arena. she actively involves in tennis and weightlifting, she even represent Malaysia to Vietnam and won Bronze medal in the 48kg category. later this year, she will represent Malaysia to SEA Games in Philippines, and she has also set a target to join Paralympic in year 2008. Yet again, another optimistic person, and make me, as an able person, felt ashame of myself. i found myself after shooting so many inspiring people, starts to realize that if you set a goal in your life and stick to it, you will eventually get there... just stop being lazy and say i'll rest first, there's plenty time to do it. look at these disable ppl, they never stop pushing their limit, and that's what get them far.

Tomorrow we'll go for shoot at Bukit Mertajam at 2pm, i think this guy is a swim coach who teaches disable kids for free. shall see how it goes. after the shoot tomorrow, we will head to KL straight.

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