Sunday, January 25, 2009



1。 博士班的名是报定了。要好好充实自己。

2。 做一切事情都要全力以赴,事业学业亦然。

3。 把身体搞好,吃好的,多运动,生活要有规律。

4。 多认识朋友,扩大生活圈子。

5。 储蓄,置业,投资。

6。 保持心情愉快。



Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is MADNESS!!!

I just came back from Festival Filem & Video Pelajar Malaysia Ke-6 at UPM co-organized by FINAS & UPM. Me and my colleague called our dean at once after all the awards have been announced - omg... we won big!!! BIG!!! Our dean Dr. Carmen was pleasantly surprised and totally proud too! out of 33 awards, we won 14! that's more than 1/3 of all awards given out tonight!! and most exciting thing is we swept all big prizes!!! Best Documentary, Best Short Video, Best Production Group --- all these awards come with HD camera each --- Best Short Video being the biggest award made one of my student a proud owner of a brand new RM20,000 HD video camera... lucky bastard!!! hahahahahaha!!! i'm so happy and proud for these hardworking & talented students, they definitely deserve the prizes & recognition as they have worked like donkeys for the past 2 months besides their studies & exams... SO PROUD!!!! hopefully i'll get a good pay raise & 4 months bonus!!! (yeah how i wish!!!!)

The list of all the awards received by UTAR tonight:
Anugerah Perdana (Super Pitch)
1. Best Short Video
2. Best Supporting Actor
3. Best Editing (short video)
4. Best Documentary
5. Best Directing (doco)
6. Best Editing (doco)

Anugerah Cipta
7. Best Production Group
8. Best Music Video
9. Best Promo/Advertisement
10. Best Directing (short video)
11. Best Cinematography (short video)
12. Best Art Direction (short video)
13. Best Editing (short video)
14. Best Audio (short video)

Photos to come after i got them from my students.

What a good beginning for year 2009!!! :D