Wednesday, March 16, 2005


1。 19日 - UUM,大山角
2。 20日 - 北海
3。 21日 - KEPALA BATAS(吉打)
4。 22日 - 吉隆坡,芙蓉
5。 23日 - KLUANG,新山


Nightraveller said...

too many physically challenged ppl in your it something to do with your shooting???

Nightraveller said...

and the photos' size are too big...make it very difficult to read your blog...

Teddy Beh said...

yeah, it's these videos that i'm doing for Guangming Daily. they are challenged people, sicked people, or just normal people, who happen to be living in an extraordinary spirit, or contributing to the society. very inspiring i'd say... worthed my time doing it. and for the photo size... sorry lah! as soon as i learn how to resize them, i'll do the necessary changes. now i better get back to writing proposal for monbu submission which deadline is this friday!!! wish me luck.