Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Korea - 2nd day, part 3

The blue trail

it is sorta recreational trail, not much adventure really. tall trees, calm stream runs through valley, maple leaves on rocky routes, crystal clear pond... i guess i'll just let the photos do the talking:

silhouette of maple leaf and hue of maple colours

jade green pond, although the signboard said otherwise (it says the water is supposed to look BLUE). and me posing.

the walkway...

a look at the valley

A maple leaf trapped between rocks at the bottom of the clear pond.

Since it only took us a little less than 45 minutes to complete this trail, we still have some time for the red trail.

The red trail

now, this is how maple leaves turn red.

the bleeding tree. no photoshop here, it was THIS red!

maple leaves that we missed... if only we arrived 2 or 3 days earlier we would be able to catch up with the full red! but i guess nothing is going to be perfect, so i was contented to pose near this tree:

the low angle view of the tree trunk...

colourful patches of colours resembling the pattern of army uniform appear on the trunk... a very close look.

the veiny me posing before leaving this place...

we decided to leave this haven for all the hustle and bustle of city... we didn't complete the red trail due to time constrain. on the way out, we saw this banner:
cute cartoon characters eh... since the information booth has already opened, i jokingly asked the lady there whether the bears really appear. she answered almost impulsively "yes, they sometimes come out for food!" me and sis looky at each other, held our breath for a while... bloody hell, if only i know Korean to be able to read the signboards, we should have been more cautious!! hahahaha.... luckily we didn't become FOOD for the bears... :P then again, judging from the drawing on the banner, the bears look super-friendly to me.... maybe they are vegetarians??? yeah right. haha.

on our way back to the homestay, we came across this tree:
we have seen these trees all over the hills, people's gardens, roadsides along our bus journey here... we figured it should be persimmon, but we were not sure cause some of the fruits were so big and in heart shape.... mmmm.... but this tree here the fruits look like persimmon no doubt... and we were even more sure when we saw the shop kidna hanged these fruit to wind-dry them... later they would process them into biscuit form for sale... tried this round shape one, very sweet and juicy... but the heart/love shape one is big, but not so sweet and a bit hard and dry... hehe.

we went up to our room to pack our bags, at the same time the ajumma helped us call taxi to go to nogodan, another peak in the Jirisan national park. when the taxi arrived, we realized it's just a normal jeep, maybe belongs to the relative of this ajumma.... but nevermind lah, as long as we got the transport to leave this small town. we paid another Won25,000 (RM100) just to hop on this 30 minutes ride to the other hiking spot.... damn... so expensive!!!

it was a very bumpy trip, me and my sis felt almost wanna throw out already... when we arrived, we were so happy to just ran out from the jeep for some fresh air!!!........

(to be continued)