Sunday, June 29, 2008

March General Election banner war at Penang

when i was writing a paper, these banner war at Penang caught my attention, and i was simply amazed by the creativity of these political parties...

at first, Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition put up their banners stated "to change again" simply to plea from Penangites a chance to prove BN can change and improve.

but we all realized, especially the opposition parties, that Penang's economy is slugging after so many years of Gerakan's ruling... hence, this has irritated the opposition parties. Keadilan decided to put this banner under BN's.

It simply said "round & round, the more you turn, the more you can't"... well whatever, my translation sucks.
but of coz, the most creative one came from DAP, where they hijacked BN's idea and used it to their advantage:

where they copied exactly the same font and style, only changed the color to their party colours - red and white. now, these slogans read: "to change again, vote for rocket (DAP)".
that's just brilliant, and it rhymes in mandarin mind you. i'm sure Penangites were all smiling and grinning cynically.

of coz , the taiko felt the poke on their back... so they decided to take down the original batch of banners, and put up a new wave of banners to ridicule DAP.

it basically picked up from the previous sentence, it reads, "vote for rocket (DAP), they'd disappeared, so don't be fooled." but what's funny is the lower position has been taken by DAP, so they cannot "tag on" to their banners... well, this is not so creative lor... they should have just written on their banner "if you want to be fooled... vote for rocket (DAP)"...

but anyway, the war ended here...

only if they take their time and creativity to develop the nation, rather than involve themselves in this word games, we will be thankful.

ok. now back to writing the paper... -.-"

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