Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fight for Chinese school - Mr. Lee

We said bye bye to Melaka by 9.30am, reached Seremban toll by 10.30am. Met up with the reporter, and we drove to Mr. Lee’s farm. Mr. Lee has been driving kids to school for 8 years for free. The school is far inside a rubber estate, no student wants to attend the Chinese school anymore, but he felt that it’s very wasted to shut down the school; he volunteered to send students with his van. 8 years of doing so, the money that he spent on petrol is enough to buy a terrace house. During the interview, we found out that he was only doing so because at the same time he was sending his children there too, no other kids are like tumpang lah. When asked after his children finished school, will he continue to send other kids to school, he said no…. hahahaha! Not very noble lor… but then think back again, he can always send his children to other school at town, easier, but he still insist on sending them to that school, he must has loved the school so much!

We went to the school, a very nice one, fresh air green scenery, even got internet access now! Whole school has only 7 students, all in their standard 5 and 6. The school next to it is a Tamil school, packed with students! Such a huge comparison. They wanted to move the school out of this estate to the town so that the number of Chinese schools in Malaysia won’t be dropping, but faced a lot of problems from the government. Still he is fighting for it…

After taking some shots of him picking up the students after school, we said goodbye, and the reporter brought us to have lunch in Seremban. Bought a few famous Seremban siewpao, we were ready to go home to KL. Stopped by Seremban museum to see some Minangkabau architecture and snapped some photos, we drove back to KL by 3.30pm. Reached KL around 5pm. Went to Petaling Street for dinner, this time the ikan bakar was MUCH better!!! We treated the students, and another students who are now working in KL, some sort of gathering. Again we ate like bulls…. I must have gained weight a lot! Then we went shopping there, noticed a lot of “pirated” shoes selling for RM60 o.n.o. So tempted, but managed to control. We went back to my house, and slept!

The next day, we went to the press office at PJ, talked to the chief editor, got some videos from them, I then brought my students to APV to meet up with Chen. APV changed a lot!! So different from last time when I worked there… the design is ok lah, more modern and glamorous, but I prefer the warmer feel last time. Asked my fren to bring my students around and brief them on the online, telecine, tape room, and offline… my students are so amazed. Then we went to the mamak nearby for lunch with Chen, ah Bo and other ex-colleagues. They were still the same, we joked like last time, and my students were amazed to see me that crazy. Ah Bo got a crush on my student, gave him her card… so funny!

Originally wanted to go Ikea, but too tired, and everybody was eager to go back Penang, so we leave KL 2.30pm. Sayonara.


pehsan said...

interesting and hilarious write up.

Teddy Beh said...

did you go 1 page back to check out my photos of Melaka??