Saturday, March 19, 2005

Man with 1 leg - Mohammad

again, a long stretch of driving ahead... 1st we departed Bukit Mertajam after lunch around 1.15pm, arrived at Alor Setar's toll at 2.30pm, waited for the reporters that will lead us, departed from toll 2.40pm, reached UUM 3.10pm... tiring enough!

we met Mohammad, a undergraduate of UUM studying IT, he is a very very ordinary guy, only thing is he has only 1 leg since birth... when we called him to inform about our arrival, he jumped out from the hostel to receive us. yes! literally jump! more precisely - hopped!! with 1 leg! and he is smiling ever so "sunshine"! he doesn't like the "fake leg" because he feels uneasy and even a bit painful with it. he rather hop all the way. his balance is amazing, standing with 1 leg, he doesn't need to hold on to anything, he can even ride a bicycle with 1 leg!!! the best thing about him is, he is such an optimistic guy. with his handicap, he is not feeling despair or disappointed, he even feels lucky because there are ppl who got worse than him, he is thankful for that. only thing that he thinks he can never do is to play football and to strike like David Beckham. the spirit is great!

a very sporting guy too, we asked him to ride the bicycle, twice, for us to shoot, he'll do it. we wanted him to dress formal, follow us to library and act like he is going to study, hopping up long staircase to library, he'll just do it for us. no complain! great guy... not to mention handsome too. a mixed guy with malay and chinese parentage... mmm... very cute guy! hahaha! ONLY problem is - he can't speak, not meaning he is mute lah, he is just not good in expressing his thought. we ask 1 thing, he answer 1 sentence and stop!! a big huge different if compare to Mylene. my pregnant partner almost strangled him to death! hahaha! ask him who is his role model, he shook his head said "none". ask him what he wants to be next time, he look at us, with an innocent eyes answered "dunno yet". ask him any frens look down on him, and how he feels, he said "dun care".... god!!! can he says more than 1 sentence!!! luckily he got that cute naive smile all the time, or else i might just kill him! kidding lah. but really very hard to conduct interview with ppl like him.

so we finally "done" (we actually gave up and decided to use more voice over instead), we waved goodbye to him, then the 2 reporters (ladies) suggested that why not go to Bukit Kayu Hitam for shopping! things real cheap in the duty free shop. so we said, why not?! off we went... wow, i really bought something... got 6 bars of dark chocolate, me and my dad's favourite. i also bought Sapphire Gin for RM50 (normally cost around RM100), and a bottle of Smirnoff vodka for RM38 (normally RM80)... SO CHEAP!!! also got a pair of sunglasses Gucci (of coz fake one lah) for RM12... i am happy boy now.

then we gotta past through the kastam, the officer held us and check our bonet. Full of videocams and equipments, he asked what are those things for? so i said we were shooting a documentary in UUM just now. he very busybody asked me shoot what subject. so i answered shoot a guy with only 1 foot. he looked at me amazed, asked "1 foot??" i nodded my head. his expression looked so unbelievable... then he pointed the palm exactly 1 foot above the ground and asked, "this tall only ah?"... then only i get it, he misunderstood me, he thought the guy is only 1 FOOT tall........ what a dumb uncle!!!

we finally get through the checks without the liquors being found... hahaha, escaped tax! we went for Thai dinner nearby, usual tomyam, kerabu sotong, otak-otak, kangkung belacan... eat until so full!!!

so i got home only just now around 10.10pm... all tired, but inspired, and now i'm going to make myself a cocktail... pamper myself!!! tomorrow still got shoot 2pm at Bukit Mertajam again... this time is about a lady with no legs, but a weightlifting champion in a competition held in Vietnam. well, shall see how the shoot goes tomorrow. now - rest!

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