Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost my voice...

i lost my voice. my throat was getting dry, there's sign yesterday. and this morning i woke up realizing my voice has gone... so i figure writing is my next solution. damn the bloody haze!


school reopened, the kids are back to the circus, life is again full of endless classes, supervisions and meetings. but i guess it's time for me to step back to become an observer like before, i like to be a hunter and not otherwise.

many things happened/happen/happening recently, which got me again thinking and questioning about my next big move. after a short chat with Yasmin Ahmad over dinner yesterday, i suddenly relive my passion for filmmaking, yet again. i always like storytelling, i have tons of stories in my balding head urging to come out... but where is my passion? i'm waiting for a perfect timing, but i guess it will never be perfect. i just have to start somewhere.

Towards the end of the dinner, she asked, "what do you think constitutes good screenplay?" and it did sound like a test to me nonetheless. :) i was speechless, i struggled with my answer. being an educator, we have a syllabus to follow, we read books written by both academicians and industry people, and i don't think those are the answers to her. i know damn well about conflicts, characters, structures, climax, turn of events, subtext, context, whatevertext, blahblahblah! but the truth is, i was never fully convinced these are the ultimate answers to all screenplays.

perhaps i shall put it simply, "a good screenplay tells a story about people in an interesting way". and by no mean this statement is going to be conclusive, i'm still learning.