Monday, April 10, 2006

parody and satire... can they be considered as arts?

talking about intertextuality, parody and satire are 2 possible expressions. but can they be considered as arts? that's really arguable.

i have seen steve martin's many movies, and some other comedies, and even comedies that make fun of famous horror movies. extremely funny they are especially if you have watched the original movies, but in terms of production values and quality, even creativity, they are far from being an artform. perhaps with an exception of "scary movie" (don't hit me).

not long ago, a singer in hong kong named 林海峰 (Jan Lamb) have written a song titled 流行曲 "pop song". if you miss the lyrics, you've missed the best part. he's being really satiric about chinese formulaic pop songs that focus mainly on cheesy love story, and how to design the vocal and arrangement of the songs to make it really karaoke friendly... check out the lyrics if you know chinese: (those who know chinese n english, pls help me to translate, hehe)


清唱 一开口用喉咙声清唱

感动 段段歌词要写得感动
一浅白易明人就唱 wo

假音 唱到第二段嚟个假音
震音 震爆个尾音至够压场 wo
惨情 我爱你抵死冇好收场
煽情 必两粒眼泪情绪高涨 wo

去到 chorus chorus 要易记易唱 wo
记住要重复 重复 我为k迷着想
仲要 repeat 又repeat 这旋律先算最强

点唱 手机响用和弦声即唱
日播夜播就最理想 wo

和音 要大量和住咪我走音
懒音 好有风格人人会跟得上 wo

repeat (chorus)

再上再上 呢段要越唱越抢
再上再上 呢段会越唱越娘
争住唱 你记住要出我份粮 (冇钱点唱)

再上再上 乸实块面唱做样
再上再上 一定会断气内伤
三连音 三连音 三连音
三连音 三连音 三连音 音

wo chorus chorus要易记易唱 wo
(repeat chorus)
流行曲 唱就唱 咪求其是但唱

我首流行曲 一定中 一定爆
争住点唱 攞硬奖

download the song!
(you can go download the song from the above link. just right click on the link above and select "save target as")

the funny thing is, he sang this song in a really typical chinese pop song format, followed exactly what he is satire of in the lyrics! funny... now this is what i call an artform... a personal statement that has been made!

then, just last week, i also read a really satiric blog by Kenny Sia... entitled "kenny sia attempts to write a bimbo blog"... his version of parody towards highly popular bimbo blog... damn funny... go read his blog in the following link:
read this first.
and also you can read the bimbo blog his was refering to here:
then read this!
both are funny!! i like them... wuahahaha!!