Sunday, April 20, 2008


I was supposed to join my students to attend this Nextgen Contentpreneur Awards co-organized by Astro tonight/just now. then i was down on flu, so decided to call it a quit. but like my students told me just now through phone that it's really the worst timing to get sicked!! as they have won 4 awards from the competition. so proud of them weiiii..... but they really deserve the awards as they worked really hard for it. Bravo and kudos to them, hope that they will excel and do well in the future! i'll update the awards that they have won later when i got the details and photos ok.


the 4 awards won are:

out of 11 categories, this music video was nominated for 6 awards and they won 4. quite a good outcome i reckon. this will definitely boost their spirit and wallet. well, there was a comment on my evaluation stating that i'm kinda "questionable" because i approved a RM800 budget music video, i guess with these awards, it answers this query.

hahaha, hopefully the next production will be even better than this. if you haven't watched their latest production "the last exit" which i posted in my previous entry, you should!

now, you can enjoy the music video:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

OK i know it's yesteryear's technology but...

it's really fun to play with this stupid function called Face Warp. I tried it on my mom and we all have a good laugh until my mom was holding her stomach and tears fell... we then took turns trying out our faces, although my dad refused to join the fun! =.=

here are a couple of not so crazy me, but funny enough... hope you'll enjoy! :P

i think the first one look handsomer than the real me... grrr... =.=

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

talented students' works.

Watch this short film produced by my (ex) students... i think very good lor... must support. Then proceed to the part 2 & 3 below:
Part 2:
Part 3:

And when you have done with that, also listen to the original soundtrack that was written and performed by the student's sister, it is haunting and very professionally done, not to mention suits the mood of the short film perfectly. And don't miss out the final part of the song where you can hear her haunting soprano.

people are so talented and genius nowaday!! i feel so inferior... haha.