Friday, May 11, 2007

share with you all

just got a photo from a fren... can't wait to share with all of you... hehehe... i brought someone up to the summit that day too... here it is:

it's my beloved teddy bear!!! he accompanied me to go up all the way! :P

i figured if i cannot be the first to be up there, i wanna be the first to bring teddy bear up there... hehehehe... :P

(and someone adds: i look like Digi-yellowman "I will follow you..." all the way up to mount KK! :P)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

photo storytelling

2 years ago, i returned to Penang with this black and white cert - which stated the peak is 4095.2m, but i only managed to hike up some 3272m...

i didn't really felt defeated, cause i knew myself, i am just not fit to finish that task.

so 2 years later, last week, i returned to KL with this beautiful full colored, embossed cert, that stated i have made it to the peak...

first, we have to register ourselves at the Kinabalu Park head quarter near Timpohon. and outside its office, we could see our destination quite clearly that day...

above the clouds, there where we wanted to go:

Mount KK summit.

taking the route as illustrated here in this postcard:

I took 3 hours from Laban Rata Resthouse (the brightest spot on the postcard), follow exactly the white dotted line to Low's Peak (the highest peak).

and shortly after the sunrise, on my way down Low's peak, i snapped this photo:

it is magnificent, no? this is the Kinabalu South peak. and i think this is the most beautiful peak of all.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

scratch off 1 item from my list of things to do before i die.

~ 3rd May 2007 thursday 5.30am ~

ya, and this time i finally stepped on Low's Peak, the highest summit of Mount Kinabalu.

on 4095.2m above sea level, i was thrilled to tears.

no no, it is definitely nothing tough for physically fit ppl, but it is an achievement, personal achievement for myself.

i was standing on the spot of these 2 ppl in the photo... 5.05am... 0.5km away from the highest peak... my mind was telling me to give up, it was too tiring, your legs would suffer so much, you are out of breath... but my heart was telling me the other things, that your friends are all waiting up there for you, the sun is about to rise, and you will regret if you give up now... so my feet kept on moving, step by step...

the day before this dusk, i have walked some 8.2km of trails through Mesilau route all the way to Laban Rata, where we stayed a night. i was carrying 10.5kg bag, panting ever so heavily every 100m... it was raining the last half of the hike, i was too tired to even rest for a snack or a sip of water. so in about 7 hours and 40 minutes of walking on my sore feet, i reached Laban Rata by 4pm.

when the white resthouse appeared before me, memory caught me - 2 years ago, i WAS here too! that time, my right knee was killing me, as if my knee cap was going to drop any minute... i knew then i could not make it to the summit due to the injury... which was true, the next morning 2 years ago i was watching my other teammates getting ready to conquer and wishing them goodlucks! bad news hit us that morning that due to heavy rain we were all forbid to go up to summit... boo... SO, this was my second attempt!! seeing that white resthouse - LABAN RATA, has so much meanings for me!!

we rest for a night, and by 2.30am, we were again hiking from Laban Rata with our head lamp, 3 layers of jackets, track pant, a bottle of "energy-boosting" plain water and a bar of snicker. it was dark and crowdy. everyone was walking slowly, perhaps haven't recovered from the pain we got from the previous hike... we followed each other's footprints slowly but nonstop, expected a hard climb of 3 hours, or more, to reach the summit before sunrise.

so, after so much hard work, on that spot i was stadning, my heart told my mind... YOU JUST CANNOT QUIT NOW!!!You just has to finish that damn 0.5km!!!!

Here i am, i told myself on the signpost that marked 4095.2m Low's Peak, i felt like i could achieve just anything! the chilling winds were blowing, but my heart was warm. no word can describe my feelings and the stunning views from the peak... no photo can fully depict the grand view of the huge granite rock that i was standing on... i just felt like everyone has to do it once in their lifetime. so, here i scratch out 1 item from the list of things to do before i die - i have no regret!!! :)))

(photos are from and not my own... when i got my photos from others' cameras, i will post them up!!)