Monday, February 28, 2005

Today so SUI

This morning 7.35am when i went to take my car to work, i realized my car battery was dead. It seems like i left the head lamp on for whole night... I have to call a friend to pick me up to work then. so sui already.
Then, by 8.15am when I was happily taking my breakfast in the canteen, suddenly the coordinator and another lecturer told me my student just met with an accident and the parents werehere to see me! GOSH! Dunno how serious the guy was, I was worried like hell, and MORE, the parents came to accuse me! I said to myself, this would be the end of my career. First thing the parents questioned us why his son was always home late sometimes not even home, and always claimed that he got a lot of homeworks, shootings and productions to do, and that they think the accident was due to his tiredness. To be honest, I was kinda speechless that time... as the matter of fact, I do really push my students to the max, so I have to bear, partly, the responsibility. However, I can't show my anxiety, so I "calmly" told the parents that yes, it's true that his son was really busy because it's his last semester and he was rushing for his final production, moreover it is a short semester, so everything is kinda compact. Then the parents looked at me...... and said, "that's good, at first we thought he is lying to us. since it's true that he is genuinely rushing for his projects, then it's OKAY!"....... I TELL U!!! I was like - DAMN, what a relief!!! and the 2nd thought is - what an understanding parents! So, no finger-pointing like i expected, just very mature adult talk. phewwww.... but the coordinator want me and another lecturer to come out with some kinda solutions to protect ourselves next time. we might not be that lucky next time. So, i think we have to let the students sign some sorta consent form or let the parents sign. (although i think it's not going to help much lah!)
Then the rest of the day was okay okay lah. got home, call a mechanic, spent f***ing RM160 for car batt replaced - well, so expensive because it's the type that do not need to check water from time to time one. according to a fren, it also tahan lama sikit wor. but the best thing is no need to check water level from time to time.
Already past up the final draft of thesis to supervisor through email, coz no car to go there what... will be meeting him again tomorrow for discussion. Already taken leaves again tomorrow afternoon and wednesday... guess what? ya-lah, to fine tune the thesis lah, what else.
now want to catch Oscar replay on TV3. so good night everyone.
ps. heard Aviator lost best film. should be Million Dollar Baby then... wonder if Martin Scorsese win best director... shall find out!


Anonymous said...

aiya...lucky d parents ok w ur student?seriously injured?

Teddy Beh said...

ok lah, the student no big deal. the accident happened at 4pm something, he was not tired at all, but suddenly blacked out, so he knocked into a lorry coming his way!!! he got 1 stitch on face above eyebrow, and 2 stitch on right hand. the car is pretty damaged i heard, 2 side doors and screen hancur... heard that need RM15000 to repair.... goshhhhh!!! so pity.

Anonymous said...

wah so much money!but thank god he is alright!so next time u dun push d student tat much lor:P