Wednesday, September 17, 2008

another blogger arrested

the same headline was posted in Malaysiakini just now... breaking news...

it is Kickdefella Syed Azidi this time being detained under sedition act. he was caught due to his upside-down national flag campaign on his blog. he is famous also for satiring the politician, especially Pak Lah, with modified movie posters.

first it's Raja Petra, then Tan Hoon Cheng, followed by Teresa Kok.

Now, an ex-colleague and a good friend of mine, Azidi... those Utarians who have been taught by him before must have remembered his wits and humours... this is so depressing...

How many more?? When will they stop using all this draconian acts?

this is so frustrating, one has to wonder what's wrong in this country...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In the midst of marking final exam papers

Half way through marking final exam papers, I abruptly stopped it to give way to my paper writing for my professor... sigh, was supposed to send a WIP report to her yesterday, but i was down on food allergy, whole body was full with swollen, itchy rashes. At first i though they were some kinda mosquito bites, but the next morning i realized they were all over my body and berlonggok-longgok, i know it cannot be... so took the med doctor gave, drowsy and knocked out for half a day... Only managed to send out the WIP to my professor just now... feel so sorry for her... written an apology note... kekekeke, but i doubt it will help with the situation.

Before that, i was hungry half way writing, too lazy to drive out to makan, i cooked myself some spaghetti. just screened through the fridge and see what ingredients available... mmm... capsicum, dried shrimp, tomato paste.... ah, will do then.

1. boil your spaghetti in a pot of water for 12 minutes with a pinch of salt.
2. while boiling, saute minced garlic and shallot until it's golden. Then put in dried shrimp & capsicum cubes and continue saute for 2 minutes or so.
3. add tomato paste, a cup of water, and simmer for 3 or 4 minutes.
4. put in salt, black pepper to taste. if you are up for some hot spicy sauce, can also put in chilli pepper.
5. pour in the al dente spaghetti, stir a bit, and serve.

here it is:

but while cooking, i accidently pour in too much chilli pepper, ok... actually half a bottle fell in, i scooped a LOT out... =.=" so this is like EXTRA HOT GILA MAMI spaghetti.... i tell you, i eat until my sweat and tears "dua lui dua lui" come out!!! but very syok lah that is! :P

Ok, now, back to finalizing my coding sheet, and later will have to continue marking exam papers.... sienz... =.="

Friday, September 12, 2008

Scriptwriting 101 - Evaluation of a script

"Kolsken's photo was teared into pieces, publicly. Maltians of Cheeny heritage were being warned not to be like Joey in US the A, and don't corner the Muays or they will be forced to fight for survival. Ironic as it is, when the reporter asked Artificial Intelligence (AI) what if he is to be detained under Institutionalized Citizens Act (ICA), the reporter instead is being accused by AI himself for being seditious. So?

AI's membership in UMPTE has been suspended for 3 years. So?

A lot of ppl (politicians & citizens) asked for him to be jailed under ICA, but few others said let's not request the use of an unjust Act that we all condemn for so long. So?

The major turn of event: Raj Poomy has been detained under ICA for 2 months. So?

The reporter has also been caught. So?
Even another totally unrelated Meshed Potatoes was caught. So?
They said there's a long list to come. So?

So what? haven't you seen it coming?

There's no hope for this M&Ms country... perhaps until the alleged 9/6. That will be the climax of the whole episode, if it happen."

Short question: Please read the above script/draft and criticize on its narrative structure. (10 marks)

Sample answer: The story is very forced, the build-up to the climax is weak too despite being too obvious. I also think that the role of protagonist and antagonist are blurred, audience will not like to see ambiguity. Personally i think the twist of the story is the major weakness of the whole script, as it comes in unannounced, which only will give our audience a shock, a jolt, but this technique is inferior to suspense which will sustain the audience's thrill for a longer time.
I suggest that the climax should come in earlier, and instead of allegation, which is weak in nature, it should be a concrete plan. Audience needs to feel hope in the story, and not a doomed setting.
In general, the story is unbelievable and unreal, it will not happen in real life, hence audience will find great difficulties in relating to the story. Without audience's involvement, the script will be a failure.