Tuesday, November 27, 2007



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sapa, Vietnam

This is the kind H'mong lady, whom helped my travel partner a lot throughout the hike.
Well, no doubt she intended to first help and then sell something to us, but her genuine kindness was natural and no great actor can fake that. It is just sad that commercialized tourism and quick way of earning money will eventually (or have already) gets to her or the ppl there... this really is the double edged knife kinda issue... on one hand tourism (supposedly) helps them earn more money, boast the economy, but at the same time corrupts their ways of living, made them lazy, and exactly how much money earned from the tourism directly benefit this group of minorities?

Photo taken at Sapa, Vietnam at 5th November 2007

Halong Bay, Vietnam

This is the photo i took on Halong Bay. The fishermen were working against such a breathtaking backdrop. but i was wondering, did they stop to admire the great nature, or they are so busy surviving. Similarly i was working in KL, did i really admire its surrounding. I've fallen into deep thoughts... what about life? Are we merely living? or have we ever truly understand and admire what we are doing now? Do we ever stop for a while, appreciate our surroundings?

Photo taken on: 6th November 2007