Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Enzyme in the making!

kekeke..... recently me and frens have this craze of making enzyme... so far, my fren has done few bottles of them - red dragon fruit, white dragon fruit, and papaya... and yesterday another fren did some more - ginger lemongrass, guava...
well me on the other hand has tried making pear and pineapple...

Day 1 - 24th December 2007
this is the bottle of pear enzyme (in the making)

you have to sterilized all the utensil and bottle, clean your fruits and let them dry. cut the fruits into small cubes or slices. then place 1 layer of sugar blocks, follow by 1 layer of pear, then 1 layer of lemon, then go back to sugar blocks and so on until the last layer. but the last layer has to be sugar. then seal the bottle, store it in cool shaded area and wait for 1 week... open the cover, stir it a bit, then seal it again. wait for another week, by right, it is then considered done!

Day 2 - Xmas night...
this is my pear enzyme so far:

See how juicy the enzyme has become... kekeke... but the fruits on the top layer got a bit too dark... i don't have good feeling... strong feeling it will not work out... nvm lah, first time mah...
then, i spent another 1 hour doing the second bottle - this time it is pineapple and kiwi enzyme, same procedures, just replaced the pear with pineapple and kiwi.... kekekeke.... the bottle look like this:

Day 1: Xmas night...

Hopefully this one will also turn out fine.... kekekeke... i'm an impatient person... dunno if i can wait til 2 weeks... :P

day 2 of the pineapple + kiwi enzyme... the boxing day... here's the pic!!

Look nice leh... i think if this one doesn't get busuk after few days (touch wood), it will be very very nice to taste!!! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Job Opportunities

Anyone who is interested in the following job vacancies (production houses), do contact me for details:

1. Assistant Director/Director
2. Production assistant/coordinator
3. Scriptwriter

(the above jobs can be permanent or on project basis)

4. Admin/ Finance
5. Artiste Asst
6. Script Writer (Trainee)
7. Research Writer (Trainee)
8. Producer (Trainee)
9. Asst. Producer (Trainee)
10. Tape (Lirarian)/ Props/ Wardrobe
11. Location Researcher
12. Scheduler
13. Scheduler (Trainee)
14. Driver/ OB Boy
15. Personal Asst.

(for 4-15, fresh graduates may apply to those jobs stated “trainee”, and all applicants must be Chinese literate)

Contact me by leaving a message here, or, or if you know my phone number, just call or leave me a SMS.