Monday, August 21, 2006

Vain i know.... hahahahaha! but it's fun!


wen xuan said... sir, u look like terence howard the most, does that mean you have to be Afro-American?

wan ye said...


Teddy Beh said...

wenxuan: according to the website, i look like leslie cheung the most (75%)... hahaha, so i guess i'm still very much Chinese! :)
ps. although i think i look like Chen Kaige the most (when i grow old and fat lah)... =.=

wanye: yes? anything wrong?? i think i look better than zhang yimou lah!!! :P

婉依 said...


++ said...

你连“长得像张国荣”这么荒谬的事情也好意思让大家知道。。。。。。晕。。。。 >_<


在澳洲买给你的手信还没交给你,快一年了咯,先欠着,看几时见面才 pass 给你ok?

刚去了一趟 tioman, addicted to island and snorkeling了,几时要去 Koh Samui 叫我!

Teddy Beh said...

wanye: beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

++: yup, but when are you going to reveal the mystery guy?? ;)

Anonymous said...

if u look like zhang yi mou then pls call me as zhang bo chi la...cecilia ...thanks..
wa kao...this is the most funny blog i ever read le.,,,,.. =.=|||..
good job

Teddy Beh said...

err.... this is what i don't get - zheng yimou is never a looker, so why make a big fuss about it?? hehehe!! :P

wanye said...

me beh : wanna know the mistery guy... mukakakaka... ask me la!

anyway, ko samui where lai?


Teddy Beh said...

you tell me if you feel like it lah. :)

ko samui is in thailand lah. -.-"