Monday, August 14, 2006

安全走影地带 - 8月份电影欣赏会

Have read about this film screening info from Nanyang... and think they are good films.... mmm... better than the ones in Japan Foundation one.... hahahahaha!!! so hopefully those interested can go check them out.

movie电影:《昨天》(Yesterday)(2004 南非)
date日期: 19/8/06 (星期六)7.30pm
venue地点: 雪华堂
电影导读: 吉隆坡爱滋支援服务社义工和医生,AiFM《安全考古地带》DJ 张吉安

movie电影:《隐藏摄影机》(Cache)(2005 法国)
date日期: 26/8/06 (星期六)7.30pm
venue地点: 雪华堂
电影导读: 马来西亚注册心理辅导员李志祥,AiFM《安全考古地带》DJ 张吉安

the first film is about AIDS which was nominated for best foreign film in Oscar. i supposed it will be a heart-warming drama, and definitely worthed watching. mmm... this saturday... maybe!

the second film is called "Cache" means "hidden". it talks about voyeurism - well, from france mah - what else can they talk about?? but with Juliette Binoche, it still worthed watching lah!

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