Friday, August 04, 2006

PhD - think!!!


Met up with a fren this week... she is currently doing her PhD in Japan. and yup, for those who knew me for a long time might still remember that i applied for the Japanese scholarship last year but failed... no no no, i don't mean i want to apply for that scholarship again, in fact i've lost interest in that. but what i want to know is the PhD itself? what is it? what do i need to do?

this girl told me it's hard to do PhD in Japan, a GOOD candidate will normally spends 5 years doing it, and rarely, with an exphasis, they finish it in 3 years.... and they are normally required to attend seminars and workshop worldwide, do lectures and publications are big plus! mmm...

then, another fren who is currently teaching KTAR has already registered his PhD in USM... so i called him while meeting this girl 2 days ago. he said doing PhD in USM, there's no course you need to attend, only spend 3 years writing the research... mmm... that got me thinking... don't PhD researchers need to present papers in seminars, publish books, have public lectures, write articles/researches to journals?? is it only writing that 1 research??

maybe every university has own structure and requirement... maybe even every supervisor has own expectation on their students too... i don't know...

but hey, i've been planning to do my PhD, i mean seriously i can go register in USM like now... but there's a lot of considerations in my mind:

1. do i have enough time to focus on research?
2. do i have enough money?
3. do i plan to put my family and frens aside (for let's say 3 years)?
4. what topic should i do?
5. what do i need to do before graduated?

but i think generally it's no.3 and no.4 hold me back... if only i can and may do it long-distanced (part time), then i can forget about no.3... and that also will take away a lot of my free time that i can spend with my family and fren.

and no.4 REALLY hold me down... i don't know what subjects interest me, and will motivate me to work hard... i would like to continue doing my "national film" topic... or i can switch to research on "blogging" or "podcast/videocast"... but both topics has it's pros and cons, and nothing really excites me at this point of time...

hai...... life's so difficult...


wenxuan85 said...'s very difficult hor? haha....hope u consider wisely, if not, u will end up juz like us, going into the wrong uni!

A~Hin said...

I'm thinking to further my study too, but really don't know i can cope with that or not...

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Sir..u left out another consideration u might as think off before heading towards everyone's dream --> pHd~ :)

which is..#6. should i leave my students of T1 to T4 which we once and always share cold jokes..laughes together..shoot each other and i don't even have the chance yet, to spend lunch for the new batch of students from Ktar..

anyways..above all is just craps..

sir..Come what may and whatever will be will be.^_* . . look positive..think positive..and do spend those needy people , Lunch ^ ^ and..
for the Japan trip..i guess it's a good idea..our ex-PM once said..kita mesti menuju langkah kita terhadap " Look East Policy" . . . ho ho :) cheers

Teddy Beh said...

thank you all for the constructive suggestions, which i think i've already made my decision. at the moment it's research and read up to find my topic, then end of this year i shall register for part time.

A-hin: you plan to take your PhD or master??

WenXuan: trust me, even if the university i register is not good, i shall not complain, after all, i'm getting the degree and cert from there... if i condemn it, my cert will not be of value too.

不是我: i still dunno who you are. but the decision is yours, to study or not, to do the course or not, it's your own call.

babyploy: even if i start my PhD, i won't stop teaching UTAR yet - i still need the salary to pay for my fee... so here you go, i'm a poor lecturer, how to treat you all richhhh ppl lunch leh... -.-"

Anonymous said...

aiks..tahu pulak siapa saya...memang power~ ^

keke..true also money no talk..but..sir..should we set up a fund raising campaign?.. keke..jk lar..students and lectures are bonded...

hmm..Wen xuan . . study hard to the MAx~is what i should say..regret over the Uni that u already studying in would not bring any benefits to your will only condemned the Uni and also the friends who going to see this blog and also other people's perception..
Utar is good wat..opps =p

Teddy Beh said...

baru tau ye babyploy!! hehe!!

well yes, i always believe that you shall not talk bad about your school, the company you work with or worked with... bcoz that'll reflect bad on you too. i shall write a journal entry based on this. :)

Anonymous said...

yes..we should not talk bad bout others regardless of students of working sux i suppose..
conflicts and politics will happen..
but..what if the one who didn't talk back bout other..but instead.being talked back about his bad things...that's not the way also rite..
so..both side must be tolerance and know what is the Goal and main aim..but the problem is..the other opposition in the same group think other wise...then..who should be the bad 1?..the diam diam punya orang...atau pun orang yang tengah talk bad bout the diam diam 1..?

Anonymous said...

sir, is happy to hear tat u have make decision to do ur Phd after few day of thinking...

sir, don't think for so long distance la, just do wat ever tat u think is right. hehe...
(i don't know this philosophy is right or not, but this is wat i alwayz do lor...because to me think so much u might miss out something) hehe....

hope tat u will enjoy doing ur Phd...
whr u wanna do it leh? USM?

Anonymous said...

phD --> permanent head Damage??? lol.. jz a lame joke. ;p

to the wenxuan, since u hv already chosen this uni think u should accept it. cheers~

sir, jia you la. but is it costy to get a phD?? agreed with u that it's hard to choose a topic for research. anyway hope u'll find ur 'dream' topic soon.

Teddy Beh said...

it's not lame, it's just cliche. :)

thanks for all your concern, but the final decision is still me to decide. so, we can end this topic now. :)