Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Please give bloggers a break!!

This news came in as a shock to me!!!

Read the news here!

finally this moment has arrived, when the control of the authority has reached blogs... they no longer feel secure with the extramural freedom of speech enjoyed or abused by the bloggers nationwide.

on one hand, i agree that blogs could be abused, and people do spread slanders and arouse dissatisfactions that might hurt the nation's development and harmony. but on the other hand, with this warning of controling bloggers, i'm very worried that the power in our government's hand will also be abused to merely control information that potentially hurt the ruling parties and dominant groups. if now, bloggers feel "safe" to expose cases like violence in UPM, schools and comment freely about their frustrations of the inabilities of the police towards snatch cases etc... they will be afraid of being sued or accused of defamation and slander, and worse -- ISA. in return, a lot of cases will again be covered... or worse, manipulated for their own advantages!!

look, it is only with blogs and podcast and videos online that the majority of the publics got to see the "real" event that day, and finally realized that the mere saga of the "handshaking" drama organized by the UPM themselves without involving the victims (Student Progressive Front )... this would have been easily get passed and forgotten by the general public last time... but now with blogs and videos, ordinary people like you and me are no longer information-handicapped, and hence will be able to understand the truth, and therefore will not be fooled by respective party...

and now, with the control, or warning... bloggers will not be so daring to expose the truth because they are afraid of the lawsuit... how sad it is!!! that for so long, we finally enjoy a bit of freedom of speech and is quickly taken away.

My question is: are the people so naive and easily manipulated by the information they receive? if that is the case, all these years of education really just washed down the drains... and we should start looking into the quality of our schools, and our teaching methods of spoon-feeding. if not, let's start feeding them with a lot of informations, so that our people become knowledgable and intelligent enough to know how to make sense for themselves. BLOCKING OF INFORMATION is not a solution. if it is, we should just banned the tobacco business straightaway if we want to educate the public about the health threats of smoking.

please give bloggers a break!!

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