Saturday, August 05, 2006

王荣民 - 竞走英雄

This is one of the minidocumentaries that i produced last year for GuangMing Daily's "GuangMing Hero Award". although these videos were produced in a rush, but i watch them from time to time to remind myself of either how lucky i am, i shall not be lazy, everybody should have dream and work hard to achieve it... etc... in short to motivate myself!! just look at the spirits of these people, then we will know that we have not done enough for ourselves, for the society.

so here, i would like to share with you all these videos... starting from this old man. he was 91yo last year, he still very much into jogging and joining walkathons. i cannot imagine myself being as fit as him when i'm his age. and what's more, the prizes and money he won from these runs, he would donate them to charity -- mainly to chinese private schools for their fund... mmm... how noble!!


canny said...

sir,last last friday u play this documentary for us...if i m not mistaken...i felt so touching...i cant imagine where m i when i am 91 years old...heaven?or somewhere i dont know...i think we should learn from him...

Teddy Beh said...

yup, these people deserve our salute, and we should learn from their spirit and constantly remind ourselves that we are very lucky, and we have not done enough. :)
glad you like the video.