Saturday, July 22, 2006

Superman Returns

yup, i've been wanted to watch the movie when it returns after so many years. hehe. me and frens even went to Cineleisure 2 weeks before the premier only to find out that the movie was not on yet... hehe, really paiseh!

few reasons why i wanted to watch the movie:
1. to experience my childhood again, i remembered quite well that superman's series are among those of my early exposure to movie world.
2. to feel the heroic actions of superman all over again, and to believe that there's a savior to the world.
3. to listen to the theme music again, and be (somehow) motivated.
4. to go watch Kevin Spacey, he is my all time favorite actor since American's Beauty.
5. to witness the mysteriously LARGE bulge of the actor as reported by newspaper, which also claimed to have been altered digitally. i wanna see for myself how are they going to shrink it, and if i can spot any scene that is not edited... wuahahaha! :P

superman returns
so yes, finally me and a few frens went to Cineleisure for the wednesday cheap session of the movie...

the review:
all of the above reasons to watch the film failed...
1. soon i realized i can't have my childhood back, it has long past, no more fantasy... sigh... can't deny the fact that i AM old already. -.-
2. i realized i don't believe in hero anymore. all of us have to depend on ourselves. and it's very clear that superman is just a product to sell - he's NOT real!
3. when i listened to the theme song while the "planets" credit sequence is shown, i finally realizeed that i've mixed up Star Wars' theme song to Superman's theme song... hahaha!! paiseh... :P
4. Kevin Spacey just didn't perform, or he has no chance to perform at all. the director has done an appalling job to design this antagonist. it's very superficial and have no weight at all. audience don't get to know who this Lex Luther is, seriously, let alone giving him a childish and somehow moronic motivation to create an island!!!??? come on, who are you kidding??
5. well, don't get to see the gigantic manhood -- it looks normal to me! (my frens rolled eyes to me) wuahahaha! i wonder if the news is true or it's just promotional. but seriously, why the media make a fuss out of it?? does superman need a super willy in order to appear super and to save the world?? sigh... -.-"

my fren complained to me 1 hour down the movie and said, "where is the story going? i don't even know what's the important plots or core of the story yet!!" very very true... i think the script is poorly written, the tension and the conflicts didn't build up at all the first half of the movie. too much of reminiscence slows the whole movie. the last 30 minutes of the movie only the pace picked up, which is a little too late. then everything followed happens too fast too rush.

another fren told me after the show that he fell asleep for at least half an hour in the first part of the movie. he asked me what have he missed. nothing, i answered... that shows how bad this movie is!

okay lah, the special effects are good no doubt, the colour of the film is superb too. technically, nothing's wrong with this movie! but it's just not enough in so many fundamental aspects - storyline, structure, character design, control of the pace....

my rating: 5/10


meikeng said...

hi mr.beh!!

how r u? never see u in ss2 anymore..=P

anyway, i also agree that superman didnt have much direction. i felt that there wasn't any build-up and climax. and the ending shd have been like big bang spectacular but it was such a let down..

so maybe no superman 2 hor? hehe.. =P

Teddy Beh said...

yup yup, no build up no climax or whatsoever... but we might be wrong about no sequel... the ticket sales has been a hit internationally. -.-"

wen xuan... said...

darn it mr. teddy beh!!
y are u so hamsap??
u hv a willy, so y go and look at sum1 else's?

btw, superman is cool...
and he wears his undies outside, a fashion statement...haha...

Teddy Beh said...

i think it's nothing to do with hamsap kua.... hehehe... just curious mah after the media mengheboh-hebohkannya. same thing lah if there is one actress who was reported to have extra big boobs and the director have to digitally shrink them... will you go and watch?? -.-

Shuk Ling said...

Mr. teddy beh!!!
hamsap mean hamsap la, stil don't wanna admit it n still wanna say is curious wor...haha...

if hv d movie like wat u say den i think u will b d 1st person who go n watch it...haha...

Teddy Beh said...


ps... speechless