Monday, July 03, 2006

The music video i produced

The following video was produced and directed by me some time ago, last year. the video, together with 5 other videos were produced to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our group "The Wanderers" when i was still in the university.

the whole video has taken me 1 day to shoot and 1 week for post-production. it was my attempt to try out the effect of putting 2 images of the same person into the video. see if you guys like the video or not, and do comment ok. :)


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Teddy Beh said...

yup, these are music video for "the wanderers".
a bit 粗造?? actually if you check the other videos, this is the only one we meant to be a bit unfinished. ok, i'm not going to be defensive, we did have some limitation in terms of time and editing equipment. all the videos were edited with adobe premiere 6.0, final touched in premiere pro 1.5, and most graphic and effects we use photoshop 7.0. how beautiful can you expect? :)
despite all that, i wanted this video to appear a bit rugged for the mood of the song, a bit jumpy too.