Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The 3rd video

the 3rd video i'm going to present to you all is titled "the 3rd hand". hahaha... it was produced by me (i mean all videos in this album were produced by me anyway.. hehe...), but it was not directed nor shot by me. i edited it, and scary enough i acted in it. :P wuahahaha!


Nightraveller said...

Bravo Bravo!

Teddy Beh said...

bravo for what leh?? my award winning acting, or my courage to embarass myself?? :P

Nightraveller said...

I think the rest of the MTV are taiwanese style but this one is different.

Your acting is not bad, but it's hard to fight with the natural acting of that cute baby, isnt it?

Anonymous said...


Teddy Beh said...

well ya, this one is more "local", the rest we planned to make them more commercial appealing. and we also not as "hi-techy" as western, so... :P
i still remember the advisor of this album commented that the sofa looks so old-fashioned, and we argued that's what we want!! :P
yup, the baby is the winner! she's so cute! :P

L i o N e L p L o y said...

this comment might be a lil late.
but then..it will be a good 1..i hope
the video seems touching and emotional to me..eventhough there's only a few shots of the face onli..but then..through viewing our human body and some parts..it manage to bring out the meaning and maded out a short clip :)..cool..the music was nice too..but..3rd hand..i guess i need some chinese interpretation only i will fully understand it..

great continuation..the hand hand part..

i think it reminds me of someone's real story behind...how i wish i could actually made my own video ..related to my sweet,sour and "how to spell pahit in english" images...keke..
neway..u might or might not see this comment..as..takkan u wanna view back ur last last post rite..
anyway..hohoho Beh..wassup` :)

Teddy Beh said...

nope, it's not real story, it's brainstormed by a group of us, with the initial idea of shooting a story of hands. then everything contribute a little to the content.

i don't need to check my past entries, the blog will notify me. :)

facets of life said...

I like this video the most because of the implicit meaning.Hands are symbolically used to signify the mother's love for her son which transcends time.