Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Now I'm at home writing thesis... and online too lah!

Have taken leaves for these 2 days - today and tomorrow, so guess what, writing thesis at home. i think i'm progressing well. have already finished chapter 3, today whole day i watched the movie over and over again, a lot of observation, thinking and making notes, tomorrow will sit in front of the computer whole day to write chapter 4 - the analysis of the film.
the progress is slow i know, (a lot of frens have already begged me to fasten up coz they are waiting for me to go karaoke "all night long 7pm-3am" at RedBox) but hey i dun want to stress myself up, i want to enjoy what i'm doing... so here you see, i'm taking leave, at ease of my own place, and slowly writing it.
1 of the reason i'm taking leave these 2 days is also becoz the college want me to go to the stupid education fair at PISA this weekends. 4 hours each for saturday and sunday. somemore PISA is in Penang area, so the college do not provide meal allowance wor.... so sui! sigh.... so i'm just going to take it easy also since i'm leaving soon what. hahaha!
yesterday my coordinator already set the timetable for next semester, i'm going to teach 3 papers that is about 16 hours per week. guess it's going to be ok, coz all papers i've lectured before, so no need to worry about notes and transparencies. also i would have finished my master already... so yahooooo, can't wait to finish my thesis!!! then i'm back alive!!!
My sis is back from Taiwan, and she managed to buy me some ori DVD - 《不见。不散》,《拥抱大白熊》,《十七岁的天空》,《艳光四射歌舞团》。
so happy, can't wait to finish thesis!!! hahaha.

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