Sunday, February 27, 2005

Finally over - Stars Education Fair

so finally finished the education fair duty, so tired. like today, never really stop talking for 4 hours, so many patrons and parents, people people people... i pening lah. but time flies so fast. so many form 5 students come for the fair, maybe because the teacher or the school send them, a lot like Poh Tey, Jit Sin... but my marketing ppl said don't focus on them cause they are not yet the target audience... but i don't think so cause they are potential clients what... next year after their SPM if we give them good impression, they might come to our college who knows right? hopefully will have a lot of students, although none of my business already for i kinda 90% sure i'm going to leave the college by August. but still i wish the college will do well. maybe so "sui" i cannot find any job in KL, then i'll be forced to stay one more semester, at least my reputation still good lah. ^_^
now is the time to really quicken my speed of writing thesis already. originally plan to at least finish all chapter by friday, now i guess i have to finish by tonight, then email or hand to my supervisor to check through while i do my fine tuning by monday - wednesday. feel my energy is drained to the last drop already... so tired!!! I want to sleep... shall i take a nap?? can i? not sure really. will still write until cannot tahan then will take a half hour nap then.


Anonymous said...

Procrastination eats you faster than a killer bug! Whip! Whip! The more you wait for something to be done, the more you feel like it can't be done. Journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. Finsih your task or you shall feel my wrath! Muahahahahahaha......

Just get you arse off whatever that's been sticking it to, and use your brain power (I bet you have loads of them,else you won't be getting this far in life) and complete the task, damn it!

Don't let us read anymore about how you are writing again and then you can't finish it, and then you start again and oh know.


Not trying to be hard on ya, but HELLO????? What needs to be done has to be done!!


Teddy Beh said...

But ain't writing and rewriting, rethinking and all those confusions part of the process of thesis writing?? Unless i've been laze around doing nothing, i think i'm still on the right track!
nevertheless, thanks for your constructive advice although i have no fricking idea who you are lah!