Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mount Kinabalu, here i come!!!!

Have decided to go Mount Kinabalu end of July, everything has been set, only waiting for that days to come!! yahoo... didn't travel for a long long time, really looking forward to it.

here are the itineraries:

Thursday,21 July 2005

6.20 pm

i) depart from Senai (RM49.99)

ii) depart from KLIA (RM79.99)

8.40 pm arrive at Kota Kinabalu (KK)

10.00 pm stay one night at Kota Kinabalu Airport or KK town

Friday, 22 July 2005

8.00 am Breakfast

10.00 am to Manukan Island

1.00 pm lunch

4.00 pm proceed to Kota Kinabalu Park

6.00 pm arrive Kinabalu Park for registration

7.00 pm check in to Mesilau Nature Resort (RM30 per person – bunk beds, 3 bedrooms with heater –RM350)

7.30 pm dinner

Saturday, 23 July 2005

6.00 am breakfast

7.00 am start climb

1.00 pm check in to Lapan Rata (room with heater: RM34 per person, without heater: RM17 per person), orGunting Lagadan Hut (RM 17 person without room heater)

2.00 pm lunch

Sunday, 24 July 2005

1.00 am light snack before climb

1.30 am start climb

5.30 am summit – sun rise

9.00 am breakfast at Lapan Rata

6.00 pm check in to Poring Hot Spring

7.00 pm Dinner

Monday, 25 July 2005

7.00 am Breakfast

12.00 pm check out from Poring Hot Spring and proceed to KK

2.00 pm lunch

3.00 pm walk around KK market

5.30 pm seafood dinner

6.30 pm proceed to Airport

9.05 pm depart from KK (RM49.99)

11.20 pm arrive at JB

9.15 pm depart from KK (RM99.99)

11.45 pm arrive at KLIA


lInda said...

sir , why no plan come to sarawak ar...??

Teddy Beh said...

mmm... no wor. maybe later, dunno yet. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Teddy Beh :) first of all let me intro myself. I'm Angel. I was actually surfing the net about Mt KK & was gld to found your blog. I intend to climb the Mt KK in May 2006 but have not done much preparation for my trip except for the flight ticket. I would be happy if u cld share w me abt yr trip to Sabah. This will b my first time in Sabah & my main intention is to climb the mountain although im not sure if i will make it to the peak! hehe...anyway, i have a few question which i think u can help me... :

1. Do i need to book the bus ticket in advance from the bus station to KK park? or can i just go to the bus station n get the ticket there n then? How much is the ticket cost per person?

2. Im going w a friend. I've called up Laban Rata Resthouse & they charged me RM 50 per person. They said the Laban RAta Resthouse is the only hut with heater. Is it true? But how come u got it at RM 34 only?

3. What type of food is served in Laban Rata? I heard there's buffet. How much is it?

4. Im not taking a package. Can i go to the KK park & then only arrange for the tour guide, permit, insurance & etc?

5. Are there any storage locker to rent near the mountain ? (so that we do not have to bring up many things when we climb)

6. How far is the KK Park HQ to the Poring Hot Spring? Is it nes to put up a nite there?


Teddy Beh said...

wow... long one...
let me do it quickly and for further details pls provide me ur email address or msn then we can pick up from there.

1. no need to book ticket, but if u intend to stay 1 night at KK, at least go buy the ticket in advance for safety. like me, we didn't buy in advance, so we have to book van. luckily there's 7 of us in a group, so still can share the cost. i can't remember the fare already, too far too old... but around RM15 per person i guess. take about 1 hour to reach the park from KK. not sure about the bus fare... should be much cheaper than that. and becareful of those private van driver or guide... they can be very annoying and beware of being con. not all people are nice there... -.-||
2. there's 3 types of huts in laban rata, only the one u book with heater... the one we got is without heater. and i can tell u, it's cold like hell... only a crazy guy in our group went for the icy cold shower! and none of us got enough sleep that night... too cold. so if u gotta pay extra RM16 for that, go for it!
3. errr. buffet?? dunno. but poor people like us prepare our own cup noodles. then not enough to eat, we went to the only restaurant there, and have fried rice cost RM8. reasonable lah! u can have different kinda food from oriental to western... but the price is of coz marked up lah!
4. we called up to book last time, better pay the phone bill than to regret later right?
5. we left our luggage at the park HQ. only bring up small backpack! it's not a locker, more like a storeroom... cheap too... if not wrong, RM2 per bag. i forgot! but reasonable. bring up as many warm clothings and food as possible and make sure your backpack is good (meaning supported your waist)... it's a long hike!
6. there are vans from HQ to Poring, which is another 1 hour drive... and cost exactly the same money as from KK to HQ. whether or not u need to stay 1 night there is up to your intention there... if u want to experience the hot spring, it's pretty much nothing there... the hot spring pool is quite dirty although i personally would enjoy it... but my other girls in the group won't even go in for a second. however, u should go for the canopy walk there, and perhaps hike a bit. if u are lucky, you would have a chance to see the king of flower, rafflesia in one of the orang asli's courtyard... (FYI, they charge u RM10 to see it).

enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for your reply but i may have some more questions..hehe...My msn add is Do keep in touch ya? ;p