Wednesday, April 20, 2005

mmm... not so happy day.

today got the result for my dissertation, i got a B for it. was hoping for better grade, although B was also in my expected list, but it was the lowest i expected, and i got the lowest!!! damn!!! now my CGPA has dropped to 3.47 from 3.62... so damn tulan. but then again, nothing i can do now, neither can i turn back time, so gotta accept it and graduated with 3.47.... hehehehe!!! so long as i get my master, who cares what grade i got right?? HOORAY... i finally graduated!!!

these few days have been really relaxing because i've done the big project of guangming heroes. so i finally have time to sit down and watch my DVD collections, after so long. yesterday night i watched "the shutter" and "tomb raider", tonight i've watched "phantom of the opera", the night before yesterday i watched "hainanese chicken rice"... all are nice movies!! will watch more tomorrow! what's you all suggest me to watch?? got a few in mind... probably "ray", "A1 headline", "series of misfortune event" or even "million dollar baby"??

and ya, forgot to tell you all 1 thing, last thursday night i was at ipoh attending the award night at Syuen hotel. when i got back to penang it's already 3am, and i realize my flat got no electricity. and the 1st thing i noticed is the kitchen was all wet... seems that the electricity was off since afternoon, so the ice melted and banjir the whole place... sigh... that's not all... the next morning before i went to work, i wanted to iron my shirt, but the iron was not functioning, at first i thot it was the iron... but then it was the extension cord... seems it's blowed! then i overheard a couple chatting about the power failure in the lift, it seems the TNB had fucked up the connection and let the power overflow or whatever that means lah... some household even lost 6000 worthed of electrical appliance due to that mistake. so when i reached home that evening, i quickly checked all my stuffs, most importantly the fridge.. phewww... nothing burned... so lucky, only the extension cord. stupid TNB!


Anonymous said...

i suggests u to watch million dollar baby rather than A1 headline!A1 is juz a crap, bored!
dun be sad long as can graduate!congratulations!

Teddy Beh said...

thanks!!! i'm fine lah. ok i'll watch it tonight! tomorrow holiday what!! :)
(btw, who are you?)

moviesbuffs said...

MDB is definitely a gem 2 watch,partly due 2 Hillary Swank, thk she's a different type of actor,great casting 2!