Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Okay.... Here we go!!

I'd say last year's resolutions have been achieved 60%....

1。 博士班的名是报定了。要好好充实自己。

at the end, i haven't registered for it yet... TOTAL FAILURE!!! =_="

2。 做一切事情都要全力以赴,事业学业亦然。

probably achieved 50%. i'm more hardworking than previous years...

3。 把身体搞好,吃好的,多运动,生活要有规律。

This one definitely i've improved a lot... not only have i signed up for gym membership, i've been swimming, running, spinning, yoga-ing quite regularly. 80%!!!

4。 多认识朋友,扩大生活圈子。

this one definitely 100% success... know a lot and a lot of good friends, who i can hang out and chat, and also have social activities together... travel, sports, movies, meals... and old friends also i've maintained good relationship and become even better friends. :)

5。 储蓄,置业,投资。

perhaps a 60% success rate... saving wise - not bad, can be improved. also start investing in mutual fund... didn't buy any property yet... :D

6。 保持心情愉快。

100% success rate. i may not say it's a happy-happy year, but it definitely is a calm one. and i think calm = real happiness. i definitely have very very minimal grunting and complaining about anything at all.

And few more things not in the plan have also been done... for example, i've (officially) become a buddhist, turned vegetarian, traveled to so many places etc... Good things have been coming my way, and i hope they keep coming in... but even if bad things are going to happen, i think i have the strength to face them too now.

This year's resolutions:

1. okay... i have to keep telling myself - PhD!!! you lazy bum!!!

2. present paper at international conference

3. volunteer myself to help up in the meditation retreat.

4. smaller tummy and weight = 62kg.

that's all. again, set small targets and achieve them! gambatte ne!!!


[SK] said...

hmmm, consider not bad for your last year's resolution huh?? so how about this year?? to clear off that list?? whatever you wish, all the best and hope you can achieve them :)

Teddy Beh said...

yes yes... to clear off that 1 remaining item left... hopefully lah...
Thanks for visiting SK! :)