Monday, December 01, 2008

just completed Korean Language level 1

안녕하십니까? How do you do?
만나서 반갑습니다. It's nice to meet you.
제 이름은 마준구입니다. My name is 마준구.

after 5 torturous weeks, i finally completed the Korean Language level 1 course. Today, the result was released and this means i no longer need to go twice or thrice a week to study all these scientific-looking characters... hahahaha, that is until next february when level 2 starts again.

it is actually a fun class. the teacher has her way to "force" us to practise and exercise the foreign language. she often share with us her 9 years experience living in Korea, which is very relevance to learning the language. Koreans are very very particular about their social status - speaking to friends (same status) is totally different from speaking to your superiors or seniors.

this is the October 2008 class:

(pls click on the above picture for bigger version)
as you can see, there are young and old, even a Malay student, in our class. the Malay girl Fatiha is sitting for her PMR this year... and the girl in the middle right behind Fatiha, Lui Xia is also very very young, probably only 13yo? the girl in front of me is my sister. hahahaha, actually the reason i took this course was to accompany my sister, but now i actually quite enjoy learning the language, i think i will continue with level 2. oh, the other interesting thing is, 3 girls here are my broadcasting students, hahahaha, 2 girls in front with grey jacket and blue shirt, and another girl in orange vest. luckily i got better marks than 3 of them, gegegegege, so not so memalukan. :P

today is the last day for this semester, so the teacher, Jane, has brought us some food:

she brought cheese+egg sandwiches, Korean eggrolls (kinda sweet but nice), and of course the highlight - KIMCHI!!! yum yum. hers is very authentic, not too spicy and not so salty also, she used Korean chilli and shrimp paste (something like "jinjaruk" in Malaysia) so the taste is quite aromatic... yum yum!!

at the end of the class, i've taken photo with our dear teacher, Jane.

사랑하는 선생님, 감사합니다.

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