Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In the midst of marking final exam papers

Half way through marking final exam papers, I abruptly stopped it to give way to my paper writing for my professor... sigh, was supposed to send a WIP report to her yesterday, but i was down on food allergy, whole body was full with swollen, itchy rashes. At first i though they were some kinda mosquito bites, but the next morning i realized they were all over my body and berlonggok-longgok, i know it cannot be... so took the med doctor gave, drowsy and knocked out for half a day... Only managed to send out the WIP to my professor just now... feel so sorry for her... written an apology note... kekekeke, but i doubt it will help with the situation.

Before that, i was hungry half way writing, too lazy to drive out to makan, i cooked myself some spaghetti. just screened through the fridge and see what ingredients available... mmm... capsicum, dried shrimp, tomato paste.... ah, will do then.

1. boil your spaghetti in a pot of water for 12 minutes with a pinch of salt.
2. while boiling, saute minced garlic and shallot until it's golden. Then put in dried shrimp & capsicum cubes and continue saute for 2 minutes or so.
3. add tomato paste, a cup of water, and simmer for 3 or 4 minutes.
4. put in salt, black pepper to taste. if you are up for some hot spicy sauce, can also put in chilli pepper.
5. pour in the al dente spaghetti, stir a bit, and serve.

here it is:

but while cooking, i accidently pour in too much chilli pepper, ok... actually half a bottle fell in, i scooped a LOT out... =.=" so this is like EXTRA HOT GILA MAMI spaghetti.... i tell you, i eat until my sweat and tears "dua lui dua lui" come out!!! but very syok lah that is! :P

Ok, now, back to finalizing my coding sheet, and later will have to continue marking exam papers.... sienz... =.="


Shuk Ling said...

eat too much food in once izzit...tat causes the allergy.

body was full with swollen, itchy rashes still need to cook n tercook extra hot spaghetti pulak....haiz....so kesian ar...=.=

but anyhow...feeling better now???

Teddy Beh said...

better lah. thanks.

wan ye said...

that icthy called hong mok, look like mosqitoo bite..

last time i always kena,cos i dunno i cant take honey, once take honey, it will come. my mom will always use rice arak to put on it, then will be ok d...

may be next time u can try.