Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Temporary travel plan in Vietnam

31st October 2007 (Wednesday)
Arrived at Hanoi in the evening, check in to hotel... remember to book hotel before going!!
Checking out Hanoi night scenes, maybe talk to ppl and newly made friends about traveling in Vietnam.

1st November 2007 (Thursday)
Have to book train tickets to Sapa and also package trip to Halong Bay in the morning. If possible also buy tickets for the water puppets show.
Spending the afternoon drinking dripping coffee by the roadside watching Vietnam ppl and lifestyle.
Maybe catching the night train to Sapa by 11pm if manage to get tickets.

2nd November 2007 (Friday)
Hopefully arrive at Sapa in the morning... check into hotel and walk around Sapa town.

Afternoon exploring H'mong village and do some hiking, watching terrace field.

3rd November 2007 (Saturday)
Morning market at Sapa highland... witness all minority tribes gather to sell cultural goods and accessories, get myself something too... shirts maybe.

Catch the afternoon train to go back to Hanoi.

Reached Hanoi in the evening, check in back to hotel.
Night hopefully go to Jazz Pub to listen to live music and spend the night.

4th November 2007 (Sunday)
Morning 7am going on trip to Halong Bay

Reach Halong Bay in the afternoon, hop on junk boat, enjoying the sceneries, hopefully no mist!

Overnight on junk boat.

5th November 2007 (Monday)
Sunrise watching on the junk.

Cave exploring, maybe even kayaking depends on the tour package.

Evening back to Hanoi.
Savouring Hanoi street food and a little shopping.

6th November 2007 (Tuesday)
Museums, parks, temples, travel spots.
Eat eat eat, shop shop shop.
Water puppets show at night.

7th November 2007 (Wednesday)
Last minute shopping and exploring...
And it's bye bye time in the late afternoon.


++ said...

i was in Florida's Disneyworld when you were in Vietnam

puiyee said...

uh, i was actually wondering if you're alive at all, seeing that i don't actually see you around ...but, ehem. anyways. hi :D how's vietnam?

Teddy Beh said...

++: disneyland is for kids.... hahahahaha! ok, i admit, i'm only jealous!! :(

puiyee: i'm around, and very much alive! hehehe... vietnam is great, maybe you should make it your next destination.