Monday, June 27, 2005

Bali: the journey continued… FIRST day on the island of Gods!

I would like to list down my 5 days itineraries in Bali before I forgot… hehe! So, here we go with the first day:

Monday 23/5/2005

1100 --- Flying from KLIA to Ngurah Rai with AirAsia… then the plane delayed for 30mins.

1430 --- Arrived at Bali, so so so hungry, still we decided to go to Kuta first. So we grabbed a taxi (Rp. 25000 abt RM12) to Kuta. The driver offered to find us clean home girl for “service”… such a pimp!!

1500 --- We checked in to Bali Sandat Inn at Poppies Lane II, recommended by the taxi driver. Cool room, 1st floor, with balcony overlooking the inn’s swimming pool, queen size bed, fan (no aircond), with cold water. Many mat sallehs hanging around the pool too. Room for 2 pax Rp. 90000 abt RM40.

1530 --- We were so hungry, but yet we didn’t eat, but wasted no time to find a motorcycle to rent so that we can catch the sunset at Tanah Lot temple. We got the motor just around the corner for Rp. 40000 abt RM16 a day.

1600 --- We digested the map a bit, asked for directions a bit, off we go! On the way to Tanah Lot we managed to stop at a small restaurant for a quick bite. The restaurant looks very much alike to our malay economic rice stall. So our lunch cum hi-tea with big portion of rice and meat and coke cost us Rp. 5000 abt RM2 each. CHEAP! But very salty, not good!

1740 --- We reached Tanah Lot, just on time to catch the sunset that would happen around 6pm. So lucky we bumped into their Full Moon (Purnama) Festival, so we got our chance to be blessed by the pendeta (priest) there. They put rice on your forehead and a bunga melor on your ear. Ticket to enter Pura (temple) Tanah Lot: Rp. 3600 abt RM1.5 each pax, blessing donation Rp. 5000 abt RM2 each.

2100 --- Backed to Kuta, but we were lost trying to find Poppies Lane II… asked around, people are friendly in Bali, they will answer you with a smile. It happened we bumped into 2 Indonesians who worked in Malaysia before, they were too friendly… at the end of our conversation, they asked us if we wanted to buy “ecstasy” from them… damn! So we reached our room safely, and without any drugs!

2115 --- We were hungry again, so we went out hunting for food. But I was attracted to a store selling clothes. I was looking for short pants since I didn’t bring any. So finally after much bargain, me and Alex bought a surfer short pants each for Rp. 35000 abt RM15 each. Then we stopped by MBA (a travel agent) to asked for Mt. Batur (a volcano) hiking trip… very expensive! Will cost us around USD55 abt RM200 each pax for that day tour. So we decided to ask around first. We managed to find another agent on the main road, the guy Edwin sounded very promising and attentive beat us with a price of Rp. 335000 abt RM150 for both of us. Of coz this did not include the entrance fees to Mt Batur and the trek guide fees lah, but still it save us more than 50% compared to MBA, so we decided to go for it and paid the deposit of Rp. 100000 abt RM45.

2230 --- We stopped by a convenient store called “OK” or Circle K (similar to 7-11 here), we bought 2 Indomie instant cup noodle mee goreng, 2 Bintang beer, TimTum and mineral water for dinner. That cost us Rp. 31000 abt RM13.

2245 --- We found a very budgeted homestay at Poppies Lane II that will only cost us Rp. 40000 abt RM16 for 2 persons inclusive of breakfast!! WOW!! What a steal! So we decided to come here to stay the next night.

2300 --- Indomie is good. TimTum is better. But Bintang beer is GREAT!!! So under the full moon, at our balcony, we cheered to our 1st day at Bali.

2345 --- We couldn’t sleep, so we decided to check out the nightlife there. We hopped on the bike, drove around, surprise!! No club!! However, we just went to the Kuta beach, lazed on the extremely soft fine sand, enjoyed the cool breeze, full moon, sound of the waves hitting the shores, listen to my favourite Frank Sinatra’s jazz numbers with my MD walkman. It was definitely heaven!!

0100 --- It’s time to go meet Mr. Chow’s daughter. Sweet dream!So here’s my first day there. Great day, won’t you all agree?? Well, wait until you read my second day’s entry. The world’s ain’t always beautiful!!!

Total spending 1st day: Rp. 383200 abt RM180 (each pax RM90… not bad for the 1st day)

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Can't wait 2 c yr 2nd day encounter,did u try d Babi Guling?