Wednesday, April 16, 2008

talented students' works.

Watch this short film produced by my (ex) students... i think very good lor... must support. Then proceed to the part 2 & 3 below:
Part 2:
Part 3:

And when you have done with that, also listen to the original soundtrack that was written and performed by the student's sister, it is haunting and very professionally done, not to mention suits the mood of the short film perfectly. And don't miss out the final part of the song where you can hear her haunting soprano.

people are so talented and genius nowaday!! i feel so inferior... haha.

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uncanny said...

sir,all i can say after watch 3part of it,its brilliant!really!the one who act as detective is quek shio chuan?he is the director...saluate.he is the one we called him monkey when we still in utar. their acting, the music,the mood, the camera angle all those efect and editing...are very good. i feel so malu...><...they are really good,talent and genius as u praised them.bravo