Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The outcomes!!! :)

kekeke, finally i've harvested my pear enzyme and pineapple+kiwi enzyme!
this is the outcome of the pear enzyme:

Now, the remainders of the enzyme, the fruits can also be eaten, in fact, they are quite nice, strong "liquor" smell, and very "crunchy" leh... no joke!

Then, this is the pineapple+kiwi enzyme outcome... surprisingly for the huge bottle of enzyme, only a little more than half bottle outcome nia... sigh...

But the fruits hor kinda smelly... so i threw them liao...
So, how's the taste of the drink...


but after you dillute with water and put ice cubes in... which is roughly 1 part enzyme + 4 parts water... they are nectar from heaven!!! so nice and refreshing!!

My whole family like it, my relatives like it, my friends like it!!!


now, i have done the red dragon fruit enzyme!!
didn't have to wait long, just after a minute i sealed the bottle, can see juice coming out liao...

after 2 days...

YUM YUM.... can't wait!!! :P

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canny said...

dear sir,

haha, u really craze making enzyme and love it so much. my enzyme can be taste tml...gaga...will let u know...and actually whr to get those recipe for the enzyme making?i found the info is abt a man called maha lao si, he doign the demo of making enzyme...and wht enzyme can cure wht sickness? and sir, u know alecia?