Monday, December 18, 2006


3rd Annual South East Asia Cinema Conference

Have just attended this 4 days conference from last thursday until sunday, so exhausting but definite gain a lot and see a lot. Not only i get more ideas in writing my PhD thesis, also it strengthen my will to shoot my own production soon.

comparing this conference to the previous one i attended in Korea, this one is definitely more focused - it only talked about cinema and film. speakers were allocated more time and interactions. the topics and area of discussion were so diversed - ranged from Filipino to Vietnamese's films, from independent digital filmmaking to queer cinema, from urban identities to sexuality. Not only the topics are diversed, the format of the conference too impressed me - a good combination of academic presentations, panel discussion with festival people, workshop with indie filmmakers...

i truly enjoyed the conference. next year it will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia. hope i can present paper next time.

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